Art is Long; Life is Short...
and so, in the true Yowza Spirit of this blog, I will invite
the people I meet, the places I go, the adventures I experience,
and the AHA! moments life brings to be my siren for my
Here's to the ride.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Altar/d | Artvoice TV

Altar/d | Artvoice TV

With a full heart,
I share this short video that was just released.

The works are part of a collaborative exhibit
with fellow artist, Thom Neill

It is on exhibit at
1045 Elmwood Gallery for the Arts
from October 4, 2013 - November 3, 2013

My installations speak to the
Awareness of the Horrific State of
Sex Trafficking in the United States

Be the change.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

A "Solitude of Space" (sweet nod to Emily Dickinson)

"Garden of Tao"

There is a solitude of space
A solitude of sea
A solitude of death, but these
Society shall be
Compared with that profounder site
That polar privacy
A soul admitted to itself --
Finite infinity.
            --Emily Dickinson

"Promise of Spring"

As I continue to invite the centering of my energy 
and spirit and soul that lies 
at the foundation for 
the upcoming art exhibits 
(both solo, at Enjoy the Journey Gallery 
and collaborative, at ZGM Fine Arts  and  at 464 Gallery
that are on the calendar for 2013, 
it is as if the universe is listening 
to my inner thoughts, to my inner questions. 

For these past couple of months, 
I have floundered somewhat, 
have felt lost.  
It has been a time of withdrawal and reflection.  
A time of questioning and searching.  
A time of experiencing a sense of disconnection from people and activity.  

And in this wintry space of time, the words of one of my favorite poets,
 Emily Dickinson, have repeatedly risen up and tap-tapped upon my mind's door.  
Tap-tapped upon the closet within which I have retreated.  

How beautiful that again, this morning, 
the poetry of Ms. Emily once more calmed my being...
her slant of phrasing was like a key, literally, 
that fit into the self-imposed lock 
that has kept me encased in a closet of selective solitude. 

And so, it is with gratitude that I nod in thanks to Ms. Em's "solitude of space" that encapsulates the mood that the long winter months have brought.  For it has been within this period of time that there has occurred a slight, a subtle (well, maybe not all that subtle) shift in spirit.  It has been a period of going inward, of soul-hibernation.  Indeed, it has been a time of "polar privacy" that has encouraged me to embrace the "finite infinity" that lies ahead.  
"Translucent Dreams"

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fa-La-La: Holiday Art Shows and Open Studios

'Tis the season...
for elves and joy and good friends...
"Dream Dance"
acrylic on gallery canvas
(Enjoy the Journey Members' Show) 
and love and happiness and ART.

Indeed, the days and nights 
are brimming over with Art Walks 
and Holiday Open Studios 
and City-Wide Art Events. 

And so it is that I am counting my blessings
to have the honor and privilege to
showcase my art in various venues
in the Buffalo and "Southtowns" areas.

One of Six Featured Artists 
on Friday, December 7, 2012,
at the MJ Peterson Real Estate office 
(upon invitation by realtor, Susie Lenahan)
on Delaware Avenue in downtown Buffalo, NY

"Rising Mist"
acrylic on gallery canvas

"Belizean Dreams" and "Into the Mystery"
acrylics on gallery canvas
acrylic on gallery canvas

One of a group of select artists featured during
the month of December 2012
(under the direction of gallery owner, Donald Zinteck)
on Elmwood Avenue in downtown Buffalo, NY

acrylic on gallery canvas
acrylic on gallery canvas

One of the artists from the Buffalo and "Southtowns" area 
featured in the Members' Show and Holiday Show  
for the month of December 2012 at Enjoy the Journey Art Gallery and Shop (under the direction of gallery owner, Paulette Krakowski) in West Seneca, NY

two of my works in this show:
"Bubbles over Bahama"
acrylic on gallery canvas
"Spirit of One"
acrylic on gallery canvas

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Calling the Circle


In 2003, I experienced the beauty, the 
wisdom, and the joy of participating in a women's retreat held in a serene space in the Hill Country of Texas.  Our weekend of self-reflection, circle communication, personal creative writing, and so much more was led 

"Spirit of the Blue Hole"

"Stairway to Heaven"

On a personal level, much of the energy generated during that gathering arose out of the spiritual discussions and activities along with the shared ideas and questions generated from one of Ms. Baldwin's published works, "Calling the Circle"

In Ms. Baldwin's own words, when a circle is called, 
the collective energy of the gathering 
"grounds the universality of circles past and present 
and brings this lineage into modern application 
that teaches readers the essential infrastructure 
to call the circle at home, at work, and in community settings."

"Rising from the Deep"

This morning, I embrace quiet time to reflect 
on the stories and the power and the presence of circles 
in my life and, now, in my art.  

"The Return to Earth"

The questions are endless, but a few stand front-and-center.  Are the Circle-Strokes on the canvases birthed subconsciously?  What Universal Energy moves my spirit in such circular motion?  Are the back-stories behind the circles that dance upon my canvases part of my very own larger-than-life Circle Story? 

"Dancing the Sardana"

The symbolism of the circle is universal; it is sacred and divine.  From our own eyes--orbs through which we see the world--we observe the moon, the sun, the stars, the planets.  With our hands, we pick up a stick and draw a circle in the earth to communicate without speaking, to illustrate the idea of cosmic unity.

"Weeping Moon"

As I contemplate many of the works I have created, 
I become aware of the precious nature of circles. 

I only need to research its symbolism, and I fall deeper and deeper in love with the beauty and the unspoken messages of the circle.  

"Fade to Black"

And so it is that on this winter's morning, I sit deep within my own private circle and send to you ripples from my art, from my heart. 

My heart is wide open as I share this gallery walk.

"Heart Wide Open"
"Entering the Spirit World"

"They say we have been here for 60,000 years, but it is much longer.
We have been here since the time before time began.
We have come directly out of the Dreamtime
of the great creative Ancestors.
We have lived and kept the earth
as it was on the First Day.
All other peoples
of the world
come from

Aborigine Elder, Australia
"The Spirit of One"

In-Joy, Susie


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Susie Kelly Flatau Artworks ... Now on Facebook

"Meeting of Heaven and Earth" 
acrylic on gallery canvas
24" x 24"
**now available as a Fine Art giclee print:

There is this place of the soul where Earth meets Heaven...
where our spirits are free 
to create
to celebrate
to give thanks.

As I sit here contemplating that thought,
I invite you to visit my
"art-log" and "new-works" journal
that I now turn to on a fairly regular basis on Facebook-- 

Throughout my life I have recorded snippets of life 
in my hard-cover journals and on my computer.
Now, it is precious to me that I have this avenue, 
this outlet,
where I can share my words and my art...
my thoughts and ideas...
my joy. 

**also available as a Fine Art giclee print

"Woman Tree"
acrylic on gallery canvas
18" x 24"


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"ART-full" Giving: 3 Events, 3 Opportunities to Give Back!

To borrow a line from "The Gathering of Spirits", 
a song by Carrie Newcomer
"the wisest say there's 1,000 ways 
to kneel and kiss the ground."  

Or in my case, right now there are three ways 
I can kneel and kiss the ground:  
by participating in events where the sale of my art 
goes toward benefitting others.  Here's how it goes...

art exhibit to benefit The American Cancer Society

Queen City Prints and 464 Gallery (both of Buffalo, NY) have joined efforts to host “Inspire”, a five-week exhibition that will run from September 23, 2012, to October 28, 2012.  Forty percent of all art sales from this exhibit will benefit The American Cancer Society.  “Inspire” is being held in conjunction with the numerous ongoing Paint the Village Pink events and programs hosted by the Village of Williamsville, NY.  Works by many local artists were selected for inclusion in the exhibit.  The art may be viewed during regular working hours at the Main Street location of Buffalo MRI.

The art exhibit will conclude following the finish of the citywide 5K Run.  There will be food trucks, beer and wine, and more. My abstract painting, “Into the Mystery,” was selected for inclusion in the exhibit. 

“ROAR! An Exhibition of Empowerment”:
 art exhibit to benefit the YWCA of Western New York

The Benjaman Gallery and the YWCA of Western New York have partnered for the first time to offer an art exhibition and sale of artwork in all mediums created by women artists to benefit women and families in WNY.    The exhibit, which opens with a cocktail party and silent auction to kick off a month-long exhibition on Friday, November 2, 2012, is part of the the First Friday Gallery Walk sponsored by the Allentown Association.  The exhibit will be on display through December 2, 2012. 

The gallery will be donating twenty percent of all sales to the YWCA, and each artist was invited to decide upon a percentage from the sale of their work(s).  Without hesitation, I have chosen to donate the full artist commission upon the sale of my artwork.  The collective proceeds from this event will go toward programming for the women and families most in need in the Buffalo community. 

My abstract paintings included in this exhibit are: “Spirit of the Blue Hole” (large pieces work chosen for display in the gallery) and “Spirit of Faith” (small works chosen for the Silent Auction).

“Starlight Night Auction and Gala”: 
  fundraiser to benefit SABAH

On November 16, 2012, hundreds of friends of SABAH (Skating Athletes Bold at Heart) will attend the annual auction and gala in support of over 600 local individuals challenged by disability.  This event provides funding for seven recreational and physical education programs that are offered by SABAH year round. 

Proceeds from the sale of all items donated for the auction benefit the valuable programs provided by SABAH for those in the community with special needs.  Through the efforts of SABAH, these athletes increase skills such as balance and coordination, enjoy social and recreational opportunities, and develop a healthy lifestyle as a result of their participation in the programs.  

My abstract painting donated for this event is “Where the Fairies Meet and Dance” ( photo available...but, hey, here's a shot of some of my brushes in my studio!)


Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall East Aurora ART Walk

"Rising from the Deep"

Fine Art...Live Music...Entertainment...
now that's the way to spend a splendid autumn evening!
It is a time once again for the bi-annual Art Walk series...
time once again to stroll with good friends and
experience the vibrant art scene in the 
Village of East Aurora.

"She Dreams in Layers"
"Cosmic Energy"
I was blessed with my first 
WNY solo art exhibit & opening 
--"Sacred in the Ordinary"--
during the Spring East Aurora ART Walk, and now,
I am doubly pleased and delighted to share that 
a new installation of four of my works--
"Rising from the Deep", "She Dreams in Layers", 
"Cosmic Energy", and "Spirit Fly"will be on exhibit
@ Ashwood Artisans in conjunction with the
Fall East Aurora ART Walk
October 19, 2012
5-9 p.m.
"Spirit Fly"
Participating galleries and businesses include 
Ashwood Artisans, Taste Bistro, East Aurora Co-op,
redFISH Art Studios, Urban Design, Will Faller Antiques, 
Meibohm Fine Arts, the East Aurora Art Society, 
Roycroft Copper Shop & Power House, 
Norberg's & Roycroft Art & Antiques, and West End Gallery.

Life is Short; Art is Long...
and the East Aurora Art Walks ROCK!